23rd. North Carolina Troops Company D
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About Us

Pee Dee Guards

Our Mission

To honor and portray the men of the 23rd. N.C.T. Co. D. Some of us have relatives who fought and died in the Pee Dee Guards. We are proud to keep the memory of this company alive. Some of us are from Richmond County. But most just have the calling to keep the history of the war between the states alive. We all must take pride in their legacy.

Our History
We formed in March of 2000. We petitioned the state of N.C. for a charter and reactivated the Pee Dee Guards.
We do reenactments and living histories in N.C., S.C., Va. Penn. and Md. We have researched the original uniforms so we can do an actual impression of North Carolina troops. To achieve a better portal of the battles, we also have a Federal impression. We are what we like to call "battlefield reenactors." We belong to the 4th. Regt. ANV.
We also took part in the filming of GODS AND GENERALS and the documentary film CONFEDERATE GOLIATH.

Our Members
Capt. Joe Tybush   
1st Sgt. Dewey McRae
2nd Sgt. Edward Allen
Pvt. Jerry Blue
Pvt. Ben Burge
Pvt. Bruce Donald
Pvt. Adam McRae
Pvt. Jamie McRae
Pvt. Joseph McRae
Pvt. Chad Spivey
Pvt. David Spivey
Pvt. Mike Stec
Pvt. Tom Stubbs
Pvt. Tripp Stubbs
Pvt. Scott Waters
Pvt. Ralph McCullough
Civ. Deborah Burge
Civ. Karen Flynn
Civ. Megan McRae
Chaplin Jake Mitchell(Honorary)
Pvt. Tim Payne(Honorary)   


Front: Sgt. Dewey McRae, Pvt. Bruce Donald, Pvt. Jamie McRae Pvt. Jerry Blue, Pvt. Ben Burge.
Back: Chaplin Jake Mitchell, Pvt. Tim Payne, Pvt. Scott Waters.