23rd. North Carolina Troops Company D
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The Pee Dee Guards

vf-flags.gif (6208 bytes)The History Of The Pee Dee Guards

They were formed in Richmond County on May 13, 1861 with 90 men on the role. They were first designated the 13th. N.C. Volunteers. They were sent to Garysburg N.C. for training.

They were trained and shipped to Manassas Va. They were held in reserve for the battle.They were put under the command of Gen. Jubal Early.

They first saw action in the battle for Yorktown Va. The first man from Co. D killed in action took place at the Battle of Seven Pines. William A. McKethan was hit in the head with grapeshot and killed instantly. They saw action in the Seven Days Battles. ( Mechanicsville, Cold Harbor and Malverne Hill)

  They fought bravely at South Mountain helping to hold off the Union advance. This let Gen. Robert E. Lee get his men in place for the Battle of Sharpsburg. It was on South Mountain that they lost General Garland, the brigade commander. They joined the other Confederates in Sharpsburg Md. There they were engaged in this battle. It is said that most of the 23rd. were without shoes, but this didn't slow them down.

They were in the Battle of Chancellorsville. They were under the command of Gen. Stonewall Jackson. They took part in the flank march that assured them victory. They were in Gen. Robert Rodes Division. This division was the first to move. It was said that they flanked the Yankees and chased them until darkness set in.

  Their next battle was Gettysburg. They were in on the first days fighting where they suffered heavy losses and had be held in reserve instead of taking part in the battles the next 2 days.Their flag was captured at this battle. This was also the last time they served with Gen. Iverson.

  In 1864 they fought at the Wilderness,Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor,Winchester, Monocacy and Cedar Run. Also in 1864 they were in sight of Washington with Gen Jubal Early. At Spotsylvania They were at "The Bloody Angle". There the Federals broke through the Confederate lines and were advancing to where Gen. Robert E. Lee had his headquarters.The 23rd. helped drive them back to their own lines.

They were in the trenches at Petersburg. There they fought the battle of Hatchers Run. It was there that they had 3 of their color guard killed.

  They were with Gen. Lee AT Appomattox. It was written"At midnight on April 8th. we had a bloody skirmish. Before sun up 0n the 9th. the Brigade passed swiftly through the town of Appomattox. Forming a battle line to the left of the Lynchburg Rd. we made our last charge against dismounted calvary. We swept the calvary back. Then the last time from our line rang out the famous Reble Yell which so long heralded the resistless charge of our men in gray. Then they got the order to halt.Lee had surrendered.

At Appomattox there were 4 officers left along with 82 men, of which 35 were armed.

The 23rd. at Gettysburg.
July 1st. 1863
Killed in action-45
Mortally Wounded-19
Taken Prisoner-97
Wounded Prisoners-80 
Total 283 men--845 CASUALTIES

Thomas J. "Stonewall" JacksonGen.Thomas J. (Stonewall) Jackson

 earlybio.jpg (30316 bytes) Gen. Jubal A. Early

                                                                             Gen. Samuel Garland